Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Year that was: Number 12 turns 1 today!

Hello Residents!! I know it's been awhile since we last wrote our respective entries.. And I won't let this day pass without greeting you all a Happy Anniversary! This entry's going to be quite short but I believe that i couldn't live with my self if i don't write anything here today... So a simple thank you to everyone who joined and followed this blog though we have been very inactive lately (with all the muggle thingies we need to attend to) we are grateful for your time and for taking part with the advocacy of keeping Harry Potter alive despite its heart-breaking end both in the books and the movies...Due thanks  for the people who spent time, effort and brain cells in tickling our imaginations and filling our minds with HP trivias we seem not to get enough of..

To H. Granger
For starting this blog... You above all is the ultimate most intelligent Harry Potter Fan in the Universe.. Thank you for creating this extension world where we can express our innermost feelings and thought about the greatest novel ever written..

To Silver Doe
Thank you for making the hearth in Number 12 much hotter with your undeniable wit and humor (and flirtations with H.Granger.) I look forward to reading another post from you again... I believe you're out there somewhere.. :)

To Ridane
A warm thanks for being my Yule Ball date last year.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge about all things Potter... I'm excited to read another post from you again..

To Hedwig
Thank you for always being there for me when I needed someone to understand how crazy I become when it comes to the Potterverse... Hoping to hear from you soon.. 

And to all of you who have joined us in the past year.. Merci Beacoup, Grazie Mille... Thank you very much for dropping by, commenting and making this blog a success... We hope that this year.. Though the Harry Potter Series officially ended, you support and love to Harry and his world won't end, fade or change.. 

Long Live Harry Potter.. Happy Anniversary again guys..;) 

Semper Fidelis,


Friday, July 22, 2011

Is all really Well?
G.Potter’s Thoughts on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

(Warning: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! It’s best not to read this if you haven’t watched yet.. Seriously? You haven’t watched yet? How can you live with yourself?? )
            “It All Ends”.  For years we have waited for this moment with dread and excitement, a conflicting mix of emotions that Potheads have been experiencing for quite some time. And on the 14th of July 2011 it all did end, for most of us. For G. Potter on the other hand, it ended last Sunday, July 17, 2011. It was sad and amazing. It was brilliant and wicked. But, is all really well? Did it really satisfy the hungry Potheads around the world who have been deprived of so many beautiful and useful Potter Moments absent in the films? Did it live up to the hype and expectation?

            I must say that seeing the film in 3D, is quite a new experience for most potheads. For me, it made me shut up for the first time in the history of watching Harry Potter films. The 3D effects were utterly amazing that it felt like I actually stopped breathing. The floating dementors, the dragon, the fiendfire, the disintegration of Voldemort, and a whole lot more left me in awe and admiration. It took all of me not to shout “Expecto Patronum” (that would’ve been tragic for me and my friends!). For the first time, my wish came true. I actually left earth and went inside Harry’s world. The characters I have been with seemed so close. So real, that it made it so excruciating for yours truly.

But, before I move myself to uncontrollable burst of tears, let’s have enough of my sentiments and get down to business. Since the curtains have closed and the screen faded to black, yours truly decided to pour out her sentiments and thoughts. Forgive me if I bore you with a lot of words, but cut me some slack residents and allow me to bring you inside my head. And, to aid me in organizing my thoughts on the film, I will do a sort of a list on the things I saw and what I think of them.  So residents, all together, ‘Legilimens!’
Ø  The Ginny- Harry on screen Awkward Relationship:
I have always voiced out how I never was a fan of this team-up at the start. But, later, I saw how Ginny suits Harry more than anyone of the characters in the series. I loved them in the books. In this particular film though, I just couldn’t feel a “spark” between them. No chemistry at all. When they kissed, it did almost nothing to me. It was all awkward, the stares, the kiss, the hugs, I’m really not convinced. My theory about this “awkwardness” is that, their suppose love story wasn’t given a chance to be developed in the screen. The “build-up” should’ve happened in the 6th film and the scenes I saw on the 6th film did not suffice the “build up” I was hoping for. In my eyes, it seemed that Harry and Ginny, were forced to act in love in the screen. Seriously, why didn’t the film makers feel and see how awkward this is and do something about it? Huh?? This brings me then to my second observation….

Ø  The Harmione Shippers:
Is it just me, or the people behind the films secretly wishing Harry and Hermione to end up together? That since they can’t get their way in the books they would at least have the films to insert a subtle hint of Harmione moments. Why have yours truly come to this conclusion? No offense to Harmione shippers out there but, I’m a Ronmione fan and seeing how Harry and Hermione being “sold” to us as “the perfect match” “the should-be couple” pains yours truly a bit. I couldn’t help but notice the particular scenes in this film on Harry and Hermione. The “I will go with you” line of Hermione and the hug that followed after that, that wasn’t in the book, Ginny wasn’t even given the chance to do that, and Ron didn’t have a say in this, not a single line on this scene. The epilogue shot that kept Ron in the background, not a single line again. G.Potter is quite pissed. Recently, I found out there was a deleted scene in Part 1, a sweet “skipping stones” scene between Ron and Hermione. So, they deleted that and added that dance number between Harry and Hermione?? I know it was cute; I loved it too, but why delete a Ronmione scene and replace it with a Harmione scene that wasn’t even in the book??? Maybe this is the reason why the Ginny-Harry team-up does not work in the screen, because people behind these films conditions us to see only Harry and Hermione as a cute lovely couple.  I, therefore conclude that the Filmmakers are Harmione Shippers and though they made it as subtle as possible, nothing can go unnoticed to the eyes of a Ronmione Fan.

Ø  The “Blink and you’ll miss it” Kissing Scene
Potheads of the world waited this Ronmione Kiss for eternity. And then, the moment arrived. I run out of time to breathe or even blink. They kissed. No foreshadowing at all (Unless they got turned on by the water dripping from them! No pun intended!) It was sweet and it was cute. It was intimate and heartwarming. Not as breathtaking as it was in the book, but I liked it. But, with the image of the Riddle Hermione and the Riddle Harry in my head, the Ronmione kiss becomes flat. Somehow, yours truly, couldn’t shake the thought about the “Ronmione Maltreatment” in the film. The Harmione kiss was so intense contrary to the book, while the Ronmione Kiss was not, contrary again to the intensity of it in the book.
But, at the end of it all, what matters is not the Harmione vs. Ronmione Kissing scenes, or which was intense or not, what matters is whether you liked that apt subtlety of the Ronmione Kiss that made it more romantic and intimate.

Ø  Look who’s Back!

Well, well, well… Look who’s back, the undisputed drama queen of Hogwarts, none other than Cho Chang herself. I am not a fan. Never have. Never will. But surprisingly, seeing her again is quite a delight. Katie Leung reprised her role as Cho Chang after years of being absent from our memories. I must say that I have missed her too. Seeing her will bring you back to the good old years of Hogwarts. It feels a little nostalgic seeing Cho and other characters we have missed in awhile.

Ø  Where in the world is Oliver Wood and Co.?

Did yours truly fall asleep? Or did she blink for too long? Or Oliver Wood and Co. weren’t really in the film? Enlighten me residents, maybe the 3D made me blind for a few minutes that I haven’t seen Oliver, Madam Hooch and Company. Because right before the filming Madam Hooch said she will be back, and I saw a poster of Oliver Wood in the Deathly Hallows. Seriously residents, have you seen them??? Coz I sure did not. HELP!

Ø  Oh No! She Didn’t??

Luna Lovegood is probably the calmest, most composed character I have ever encountered. She still maintains her composure in spite and despite the war, the abduction, and the deaths all around her. Is there a way to tick Luna off? Is there any way we could make her voice a note higher and a decibel louder? Luna is human too you know, so yeah, we can. Try walking away from her when she has to say something important and you’ll see her lose her temper. KUDOS Harry, you found out how we could tick Luna off! *sniggers*

Ø  Fred is Dead
Personally, I was looking forward for this scene. It was really one of the most painful parts of Book 7. The kind that took you by surprise and would leave you with disbelief and would make your head shake and make you scream “Nooooooo!” because it is something that you never thought possible. When I saw how it was translated in the screen, I’m a little disappointed. It was emotional, it was heartbreaking, I cried. But there was something missing in there. Somehow it lacks “screen time”. Well, we couldn’t expect everything we’ve read to be actually in the film, but this scene, there was no way to go about it, for me. The “gisting” (let me borrow that from you H) does not work here. Despite this, I would like to believe that they did this because they wanted to spare us from too much drama and tears, wanting us to focus more on the action and effects. On my end though, I wouldn’t mind the drama at all.

Ø  The Prince’s Tale

This is my favorite chapter in Book 7. The unraveling of the truth, the allegiance of poker-faced Professor, Severus Snape revealed. I must say that the translation in film captured the essentials of what we need to understand the character as we did in the book. The part when Snape was dying and Harry looks down at him was absolutely touching. The snapshots of Lily and Severus, the meeting of Dumbledore and Snape, the emotional Severus Snape holding Lily Potter’s dead body and crying his guts out, were all perfectly stitched. If you haven’t read the book, well in this part you don’t have to worry about that because they have truly made an effort to remember that there is a selected few who haven’t touched a Potter Book in his or her life. I must admit, it was awkward to see Snape all emotional and dramatic. H. says he’s such a Drama Queen! Also, I would have wanted to see more”Lileverus” moments, and more outrage from Snape when Dumbledore finally revealed to him that Harry must die. But, needless to say, this part was epic and as emotional as I expected.

Ø  The Marauders and Lily
The most faithful part among all else in the film is the Forest Scene when Harry was reunited with his parents, Remus and Sirius. At this moment, I am sure that almost every Pothead in the world was clutching his or her chest and gasping for air to breathe. What you saw in your head while you were reading it is exactly what you would see in the screen. Kudos to the actors for making this scene magical and emotional, special and touching for every moviegoer in the world.

Ø  “Almost the Chosen One” Screen Time

Did it ever occur to you that if Voldy chose Neville, what we would be reading would be, “Neville Longbottom and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, “Neville Longbottom and the Deathly Hallows”. Wow, that sounded awkward! Neville’s a klutz, and for years we were so used to seeing him mess up on screen and on book. We could not forget though, that even from the beginning, Neville had the potential of becoming valiant and tough (See Sorcerer’s Stone). We journeyed with Neville too, in conquering his fears and in breaking out from his shell. In this film, we had a clear picture of what Neville is capable of. His screen time in this movie is ultimately, the best depiction of him ever. He is, in H. Granger’s own words “A Rock Star”.

Ø  “Not my Daughter You Bitch” Ultimate Showdown

There were speculations before the movie came out that this particular scene between Molly and Bellatrix won’t make it into the screen. This is due to several concerns about the language being used in the scene. Fortunately, due to popular public demand, they included it and it was EPIC!!! I totally loved this scene. The “Wand Choreography” was awesome and the line from Molly completely made the scene. It is something you would want to see over and over again. It’s a short scene but it’s actually worth watching and waiting for. 

Ø  The Dumbfounded Voldemort

The final battle between the “Boy who lived” and the Antagonist of All Time, Voldemort is probably one of the most climactic scenes we have read in the series. On screen though, not so much screen time was given to this particular scene in the book. Although it was equally breathtaking, but it is all attributed to the amazing effects not exactly the lines we’ve read in the book. I wish I could’ve seen the exchange of dialogues and the face of Voldemort when Harry told him about Snape about the wands and all the exchange of discourse that kept me from breathing were mostly absent in the film. Darn, I wish they’ve included it. I mean, it’s the last film. Why not let Voldemort and Harry rant for awhile? But no, they didn’t, and that’s one of the things we can’t do anything about.

Ø  The Un-Naked Harry Potter
This is where yours truly was deeply and utterly disappointed. I have waited for 4 years to see this scene in 3D. I was holding my breath, and then, when Harry was in King’s Cross Station already, *wooooosh* (crashing sound) NO NAKED SCENE???? I mean I wanted to see even just a half-naked Harry in King’s Cross. But no, they decided to crush G.Potter’s dream and went with a fully clothed Harry Potter. Now, don’t you go judging me about reacting strongly about this. I just wanted to see this scene on screen the way I saw it in Book 7. And it could have been a great distraction from nostalgia and sadness that was hovering me at that moment. So, yeah.. that’s it.. I’m just sayin.. :)

Ø  19 years later

What I have been admiring for years on the casting crew and the behind-the scenes staff is their ability to look for the screen version of the characters we only read. Just look at, Horace Slughorn? Bellatrix Lestrange? Everyone in the Potter series seems to fit their screen avatars perfectly.  Nineteen years later, it did not change. The children of Harry and Ginny, those of Ron and Hermione were perfect for their roles. I mean, wow! Just wow! They all looked like they’re their parents’ biological children! So astounding! The epilogue may not include teddy and Victoire (that sucked) but it seemed like that was the way it should end. The trio with their children, the train moving away and the waving of goodbyes were what it made it all come full circle. Bringing us back to the moment when it all started at the same time preparing us to the impending goodbye as the screen fades to black.

And there you have it warlocks and witches, G.Potter’s thoughts about almost everything worth noticing. And to answer the question I asked, “Is all really well?” well, it was not perfect, but it was the best they could have pulled off. It was a spectacular end to the spell binding series we have loved for nearly ten years. Sad as it may all seem, tissues may scatter all around the floor of the cinema right after you see the film, but,  it was after all, one of the best movies and depiction of the Harry Potter series in a long time. All is well.

P.S:  Don’t take my word for it. Go see it for yourself. Share your thoughts residents and let me inside your head the way I did for you. G. Potter would love to hear what you’ve got to say..  :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


As the sky faded to black
And the wide space came to a close
As every smile turned upside down
A cold, sad breeze touched my face.
All the light was sucked out
Every hinge of a hollowed space turned tight
Breaths came short with mists as you speak
Sinking to an invisible sea.

A dark hooded figure came to sight
It touched my face and sucked my breath
A terrifying end, a heartbreaking close.
The  darkness came too fast
I stared at the nothingness hovering me
Faces blurring, memories fading
Slowly leaving my system, emptying my soul.
My soul, the kiss, inches from my face
A sudden force, a familiar voice
"Something HAPPY, Think of something HAPPY"
A fuel that drove out a familiar dancing light
Vanquishing, one by one,
the soul takers,
the breath suckers,
the thieves of memories...

As I awake from a momentary trance
Emptiness felt as distant as the past
A sudden thought then came to me...
Nothing can thwart a Dementor's Kiss
Like a decade of Magical Bliss...

Semper Fidelis,

G. Potter

I made something similar to this years ago... The time when I felt so down and sad about the end of something I held on to for so long... It really felt like Dementors were around me.. It was cold and dark and sad... And then suddenly I would think of all the memories I had for the past ten years.. And it was very comforting that I have enough memories to drive the "Dementors" away... I have enough memories to keep me happy and thankful for this magical ride...

It is sad that it all ended... But I am ecstatic because like Dan "I have enough memories to last a lifetime.." and having met people like you.. Is worth whatever pain or sadness this journey may bring.. Long Live Potheads! I love you all!

G. Potter's so emo don't you think??


    'Til then residents! :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

S.P.E.W.S. 2011 and Beyond - An Invitation to Number 12 Residents from H. Granger

Dear Number Twelve Residents, 

 In view of the forthcoming screening of the final installment of the last Harry Potter film franchise, I am creating the Society for the Perpetuation of Endless Wizarding Stories (S.P.E.W.S.) on this day, 9th of July 2011, here at Number 12 Grimmauld Place.

The aim of this highly-exclusive blogsite, specifically the inception of S.P.E.W.S., is to continue the HP tradition by creating sequels to the final HP book. Call it fanfiction, if you will, but it's all the same bottomline objective: to keep the fireplace at Number 12 Grimmauld Place burning by reviving and perpetuating the wonderful wizarding world of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ronald Weasley through our limitless creative imagination.

We draw inspiration from the creator of Harry Potter and his world, J.K. Rowling. We continue her legacy with full and total acknowledgment of her literary genius. We explore our own potential for weaving tales of wizards, witches, centaurs and giants. But most of all, WE DO NOT STOP BELIEVING IN THE MAGIC OF HARRY POTTER.

Therefore, dear residents and secret-keepers of this magical home, join me and G. Potter in our quest to immortalize Harry Potter and his world.

Semper fidelis,

H. Granger 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Comic Relief Challenge Part 2 (Created by H. Granger)

"What's the difference between The Twilight Saga and a bucket of shit?"
"Uhmm... what?"

"The bucket."


"What spell did Ginny use on Harry on the night of their honeymoon?
"That's not funnyyyyy!!!!!"


"What spell did Voldemort's date use the first time they had sex?"

"I know the answer, but I won't betray the Dark Lord..."
"I think I know...PETRIFICUS TOTALUS?"

"How did she knowwww?!!!"


"One of these vials contains a top secret memory image which I'd rather take to my grave, Harry."

"But if you should know, here it is..."

"I knew it!!!!"


"Hey, Bells. You know what I saw in the woods today?"

"You're the man, Voldy!"



Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Grimmauld Place Happy Hour Comic Relief (by H. Granger)

In anticipation of the theatrical release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, I created my own comic strips to entertain the residents at Number 12. I am inviting the other residents to create their own funny comic strips, too. Let us entertain each other as we begin the countdown to the July screening. (Many thanks to Phoenix for posting those hilarious comic strips and for inspiring me to create my own.)















That's all for now. Your turn.